BMW iX Honest Review

BMW iX An EV Beast Or A SUV With Technology People Don’t Even Understand?

The BMW iX has the most refreshing yet simple design. This car is equipped with some complex engineering. It’s the flagship car launched in the EV category by this giant automobile company to flex its technological advancements. However, it feels like the car is impuissant to give justice to the flagship launch. 

Why say that? The car has a massive operating system and one has to spend time getting at least the idea of it. Why infuse such giant technology in a car? And they didn’t stop here and ended up giving a mammoth size double-toned SUV. Also, the nose of the car isn’t giving any appealing look. Let’s dive deep in this segment of BMW iX honest review.

Battery Life And The Range

Looking at the lowest version of the car BMW iX xDrive40 the 71kWh battery can achieve a considerable range of 257 miles, and that no doubt is quick! While talking about the big brother, which is xDrive50, can carry more current as it has over 100kWh battery! That being said, the motors of bigger versions can easily release up to 523bhp and 564ib ft. That’s the full release of the motor. 

xDrive40 is the least powerful version in the range as its overall output is 320HP. Perhaps, you’ll feel uncomfortable while driving the xDrive40 sport version. Thanks to no adaptive air suspension, less space, and low acceleration. Comparative to Audi e-Tron and Jaguar i-Pace (considerable rivals of this version), BMW fails to offer you much to buy this version. 

Engine And The Performance

Now talking about the performance, it surely has the customary EV persona. EVs generally offer quick and precise reactions to the throttle pedal and so does xDrive50. Much better than giving a manual free pass to petrol powertrains to surge further. 

If you ever need to take a quick and vigorous overtake, this automobile will never be going to disappoint you. Because in xDrive50, the power and pedal have such an incredible combination that it becomes quite a tool kit for the car. 

Key Specifications of BMW iX

Fuel Type Electric
Max Torque (nm@rpm) 630Nm
TransmissionType Automatic
Max Power (bhp@rpm) 321.84Bhp
Seating Capacity 5
Body Type SUV

Interior Specifications

In this particular segment, BMW has changed its overall gist of the interiors. They have introduced a whole new style by giving detailed furnishing. If you look at the steering wheel, which now is not even a wheel. Although, the wheel is the most appealing thing in the front. A proper theme of contrast diagonals showcases the open and straight-edged idea behind the look. 

The unnoticed humongous dual blended display gives an elite statement to the car. One part of the display has a touchscreen, while the other can be your instrument pod. The dashboard has sophisticated metal brackets giving absolute contrast to the color theme. 

Operating System 

Though there are no circular dials, the car has a tremendous head-up display imparting plentiful read-outs to keep you informed about the system. You can open multi-windows like maps, entertainment, energy use, etc, without any fuss. 

The operating system has got massive technology. A considerable control has been ceded to the screen. What’s more, the voice assistant feels even more real. So, you do not have to look foolish getting misunderstood by your car over several commands.  

The Warranty And Maintenance

Well, there is nothing new the company has offered here. The warranty that BMW offers to this high-end EV is the same standard coverage offered to the previous electrified models. Meaning, more liberal protection to the EV components and basic coverage for 50,000 miles or for four years. In addition, BMW provides a complimentary maintenance plan for three years. 

The Final Verdict!

In BMW iX honest review, we feel that BMW  has offered a high-tech show than the previous cars, and there’s no denying that. However, it must have been a little more mindful of them to understand that an ordinary person doesn’t want to get confused in their car’s operating system at least. Nonetheless, BMW has kept iX as a car that defines its aerodynamics, driver assistance, material use, and most importantly, the vast amount of technology. The BMW iX is more like a home-on-wheels focused on giving all the comfort to the driver while passengers sitting in the back feels disconnected. It can recharge efficiently in no time. The range is quite impressive. There’s a lot else to like the care. 

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