Volkswagen Tiguan Review

Volkswagen Tiguan Review: A SUV That Defines The Word Premium!

Volkswagen Tiguan is not a difficult vehicle to introduce. As the bestselling Volkswagen SUV in India, it is the flagship. In 2022, the facelift version hits Indian roads, which now is powered by a 2-liter, TSI petrol engine. Local assembly, Volkswagen Group wants a whopping sum of Rs. 31,999 lakh(ex-showroom), which will not take too long to discern Tiguan’s rivalry with Hyundai Tucson, Citroen C5, alongside the Toyota Fortuner and MG Gloster.

Read in our past firsthand experience with the Tiguan whether the price of this particular car didn’t scare you off already. The lines and the creases in its design maintain the timeless motif of Volkswagen’s iconic automobiles. Among the uses for this LED gadget are practical. Furthermore, the new VW logo and a couple of retouches up front are giving Tiguan a clean look.

The Overall Design 

The car is built on the underpinnings of the Volkswagen Group’s MQB platform, as long as it’s 4.5 meters long. Other design changes consist of revised 18-inch alloy wheels, TIGUAN lettering on the electric tailgate, and animations on the rear lights. In addition, the smooth and comfortable cabin design draws from the understated stylishness of the apartment. Lack of space will be of no concern to the driver or any of the travelers. The black leather upholstery imparts elegance and bolsters a sense of relaxation.

The rear third part of the panoramic sunroof is the main location for a collection of glass surfaces. The cabin is spacious, well-lit, and really well-appointed. The 10-inch touchscreen is crisp, and the place in the controls is about equivalent to the ones offered in Taigun. Also, the driver’s display has a full-digital layout that gives adequate information in clear lights. 

The Engine And The Performance

Volkswagen’s post-BS6 choice of the electrical + petrol strategy in its Tiguan model has resulted in a 2-liter reduction in fuel consumption(TSI gain) stemming from the addition of an oil burner. The engine has an output of 190 PS and torque of 320 Nm. The model also features a 7-speed DSG transmission that delivers power to an all-wheel-drive system.

With the diesel Tiguan, the low-end torque rush is insignificant. Nonetheless, the engine has outstanding pulling torque from 2,000 to 6,000 rpm, and so this vehicle could be used for mile-munching. Fair enough! 

The Gearbox!

The dual-clutch gearbox is as swift as expected if the energy pedal isn’t pressed firmly. Upshifts are quicker than downshifts, and the feeling of leisurely ease is a favored rider experience. The powertrain itself is gallant as is the looks of the SUV.

What’s also likeable about the Tiguan is the fabulous cabin insulation, which blocks out external noise to a great extent. The drive is enjoyable and the brakes are reliable, thanks to all-disc brake issues.

The Verdict!

It may seem unlikely that the Tiguan will not sell in tens, but the flagship, with an evolved style of exclusivity and admiration of German-grade makeup and finish, is an excellent choice for those who desire exclusivity and appreciate German workmanship.

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