Harley-Davidson Sportster S Review

Harley-Davidson Sportster S Review 2021

Although H-D had its ups and downs with previous Harley Davidson bike models, this time it returned to its original look with the Sportster S, which is powered by a version of the liquid-cooled 1,252cc V-Twin of the Moto-Guzzi 850 that life proofed the Pan America adventure bike.


The crew behind this Sportster bicycle is taking it to a new, more bold age, and the dominant styling element is an oversize front tire. Another bold styling element is the ultra-fat tire that turns this bicycle into a bike that’s out of style. The high-mount shotgun exhaust is another daring component. The Swingers’ mechanism, the Sportster S’s Revolution Max 1250T electric motor, serves as a structural element rather than something separate. A steel-trellis steering head is combined with an aluminum mid-frame, which contributes toward that new bike weighing around 60 pounds less than the Sportster Forty-eight. 

A cherished Harley add-on, the potato-like exhaust note from a 45-degree V-Twin, is no more. The sportier thrum within the new 60-degree V-Twin allows quicker escapes. The 121-horsepower RevMax is the most potent Sportster ever made. 

The Engine And The Power!

At the first, we were dismayed to learn it didn’t include the 150-horse power motor, but nevertheless, we sufficiently generated the torque necessary to touch the peak of the muscle cruisers class. The variable valve timing of the mill regulates the size of the flow at the slightest revolution, making your engine a bit more powerful than the Pan America. What’s more, it has hydraulic valve-lash adjustments that reduce your maintenance costs. 

How’s The Seat And The Legroom?

The saddle height, at 29.6 inches, is tall for a Harley but relatively low. Footpegs are placed moderately forward to set the legroom at this motorcycle at a reasonable level. Mid-mount foot controls are available at an additional cost of $659. They’re not as suited for shorter-legged riders who are used to cruiser-style peg placement. This bike is one of the H-D’s most expensive bikes

Let’s Talk About The Chasis?

The repositioned of the new Sportster compels a lot of suspension system dynamics. Harley-Davidson has spec’d Showa suspension system tuning that is most accurately adjustable at both ends, but there’s minimal wheel travel at the rear, even with large bumps. You’ve got a working fork with three inches of movement length, which is sufficient to execute the job correctly. 

The front-end of the tire has engendered controversy because of its extraordinarily obese 160/70-16 tire. Many thought it would make the bike carlike of a pickup. Not really. The triangular kind of cross-sectional shape allows its lean, to skew in an unexpectedly neutral manner. Meaning, even if steering effort is greater, it would be with thinner rubber. The large handlebar is very helpful from skimming pegs at a 34-degree lean angle. For some riders, this might be excessive, so let’s put it into perspective: The Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight only touches its pegs at 27 degrees.

Disc Brakes Are Powerful

Sportbike riders dislike slamming on the single-disc brake lever, but the Brembo grip on the S provides excellent feedback and plenty of power. A good two-finger squeeze will cause the wheel horn to chirp, while ABS with IMU assistance keeps the tires from wandering even when bent.

The Verdict

Other improvements to this groundbreaking software platform are in the pipeline and will be announced as they become available. The Sportster S is remarkable that we’re salivating over what’s coming next.

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